Elite Tennis


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PRIOR’S FIELD TENNIS ACADEMY From September 2011 we have linked with Prior’s Field school to start an elite tennis academy for girls. We aim to produce tennis players at a minimum to be able continue their progress by gaining a scholarship at a top American University, and a maximum of a National or International standard. With the support of Prior’s Field we will do this whilst still maintaining an all round excellent education, producing a young well rounded person who can decide whether they want to follow a sporting or educational future. We are very proud of the continual development of facilities and the tennis programme at the school. We work closely with the school, and receive great support from the Head, Bursar and governors. A new tennis pavilion is being built in the summer of 2013, with further development of facilities in the pipe line. In September 2013, we will be employing a sports physiologist to consolidate and improve the fitness element of the programme. We are also fortunate to have two first rate performance coaches at the school – Ben Cullen and Chris Tucker – as well as further well qualified motivated licensed coaches. CONTACT Amanda Lay at Prior’s Field (01483 810551) or Barbara Awbery at Orbit Tennis orbittennis@yahoo.co.uk


ELSTEAD & GRAYSHOTT HALL Barbara has worked over the years to have Elstead Tennis Club recognised by the LTA as a Performance Centre and also liaised with Grayshott Hall and ex Davis cup player Danny Sapsford so that performance players now have indoor facilities during the winter months. We already have some very talented players playing in the Elstead programme with two players having been recognised nationally. Full details of the comprehensive Elstead programme can be found on www.elsteadtennis.net